Belgrade hip dans La Presse / Belgrade hip in La Presse


Photo : Audrey Bourget

J’ai passé une semaine à Belgrade en septembre dernier et j’ai trouvé la ville fascinante, alors j’ai proposé un article et des photos sur le côté hip de la capitale serbe à La Presse. Le voici, publié aujourd’hui dans la section Voyage.

La nouvelle Belgrade via La Presse


I spent a week in Belgrade last September and I found the city to be fascinating so I pitched an article on that subject to La Presse, a major French Canadian newspaper. Here it is, in their Travel section.

La nouvelle Belgrade via La Presse (In French)

A mural in Savamala / Une murale dans Savamala

A mural in Savamala / Une murale dans Savamala
Photo : Audrey Bourget

To summarize, it’s about how Belgrade is becoming a very trendy city. I give a few restaurants recommendations: Tezga, for the meat-lovers; Radost Fina Kuhinjica, for the vegetarians; and Moritz Eis, for artisanal ice cream. For coffee, visit Pržionica, where you can enjoy your espresso while watching the roasting process.

If you want to shop, the place to go is the Design District, an old shopping center repurposed into several local designers boutiques. To see beautiful murals and street art, walk around the Savamala area. At the center of it, the cultural center KC Grad always has interesting exhibits and music shows going on.

At night, there are many, many options. The obvious option is the splavs (floating clubs) by the Sava River. But for a cooler and more refined experience, try Mladost and Ludost, two bars of the Savamala area.

And if you want to learn more about Belgrade’s rich history, download the Belgrade Talking app, an audio guide that will teach you about 30 important places in the city.


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