Ce qui me manque de Montréal / What I miss about Montreal

Big in Japan Photo : Dominique Lafond / Big in Japan

Big in Japan
Photo : Dominique Lafond / Big in Japan

(English follows) Avant de déménager en Australie, j’ai habité Montréal, au Canada, durant sept ans.  Bien que j’adore mon nouveau pays, il y a quelques petites choses  et endroits de mon ancienne ville qui me manquent.


Détestant me lever tôt, le brunch est l’invention parfaite pour moi. Les brunchs montréalais sont excellents; j’aime particulièrement ceux du Réservoir (9 Duluth Est) et du Laïka (4040 Saint-Laurent), qui peuvent s’étirer toute la journée.

Le Plateau et le Mile End

J’ai passé la majorité de mes sept ans à Montréal dans plusieurs appartements du Plateau et du Mile End. Ces deux quartiers remplis de gens créatifs garderont toujours une place spéciale dans mon cœur.

Photo : St-Viateur bagel

Photo : St-Viateur bagel

Poutine, bagel et bloody caesar 

Je ne pensais jamais que ça m’arriverait, mais je suis devenue une de ses expatriées qui s’ennuie (un peu) de la poutine. Je ferais aussi n’importe quoi pour mettre la main sur des bagels de St-Viateur (263 St-Viateur Ouest), les meilleurs au monde (admettez-le, New-yorkais!). Et je boirais bien un bloody ceasar, avec le brunch évidemment.

Les vieux appartements

Je n’en reviens toujours pas d’avoir payé si peu pour mes appartements montréalais, qui étaient grands et si beaux avec leurs planchers en bois francs et leurs vitraux.

Le bar Big in Japan et le bar sans nom sur Parc

Avec leur ambiance feutrée, Big in Japan (4175 Saint-Laurent) et Le bar sans nom (5295 Parc) sont les endroits parfaits pour se raconter des secrets tout en savourant un bon cocktail.


Before moving to Australia, I lived in Montreal for seven years. Despite loving my new country, there are a few little things I miss about Montreal

Having brunch

I hate waking up early, so having brunch is perfect for me. Montreal does brunch well and I especially like it at Réservoir (9 Duluth East) and Laïka (4040 Saint-Laurent) because it can last all day.

Mile End Photo : Audrey Bourget

Mile End
Photo : Audrey Bourget

Plateau and Mile End

I spent most of my seven years in Montreal living in those two neighboring areas, which are full of creative people. They will always have a special place in my heart.

Poutine, bagel and bloody ceasar

I didn’t think it would happen to me, but I am one of those people who misses poutine (a little bit). I also wish I could get my hands on some St-Viateur bagels (263 St-Viateur West), arguably the best in the world (Admit it, New Yorkers!). And I wouldn’t mind a bloody caesar either.

 The old apartments

I’m still amazed by how cheap the rent is in Montreal, compared to anywhere else in the world, for big apartments with beautiful hardwood floor and stained glass.

 The Big in Japan bar and The bar without name on Parc

I like the muted ambiance of Big in Japan (4175 Saint-Laurent) and The bar without name (5295 Parc), both are perfect places to share secrets while enjoying a nice cocktail.


9 responses to “Ce qui me manque de Montréal / What I miss about Montreal

  1. Oui Oui …I know what you mean — the long lunches, the night-time conversations on raised outside balconies surrounded with flowers, the beautiful architecture and the wall to wall restaurants. I also loved the ski villages like Mont Tremblant. I am a Melbourne girl and spent a few months in Montreal which was a cultural experience for me – a very unique place. I am sorry to say most people in Melbourne know nothing of the place.

  2. Very well said, a good snapshot of Montreal 🙂 I’m actually going to Melbourne next week. I visited 2 years ago and loved it so I hope to settle there soon.

    • Ah..good choice. If you need any help with nice, safe suburbs with plenty of facilities let me know. I know Melbourne well and Brisbane too.

      • I already have an idea of where I’ll live, but if you have recommendations for cafes, restaurants or just interesting places in Melbourne, I’m a taker!

      • Ok Audrey — I suggest anywhere around the inner south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne to live like South Yarra, Armidale, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, or even Toorak (if you are rich). Apart from those exclusive suburbs there is Canterbury, Camberwell or Surrey Hills, still good safe suburbs. Elwood, Elsternwick, Hampton, Brighton and Sandringham are nice seaside suburbs. These are all safe suburbs to live in with good restaurants. Toorak is the most expensive (near Hawksburn Station) a bit like Atwood Station, Westmount, where we lived in Montreal.

        For restaurants — ‘Attica’ is the best one in Melbourne but you will pay heaps to go there, also for Chinese food the ‘Flower Drum’ (very expensive), ‘Bamboo House’ (Chinese & very reasonable), ‘Vue de Monde’ (contemporary & very expensive), ‘Spice Temple’ (Chinese, popular and reasonable), ‘Maha’ (Middle Eastern and reasonable), ‘Koko’ (Japanese & very expensive), ‘Kenzan’ (very reasonable), ‘The Grand’ (Italian & reasonable), ‘France-Soir’ (French & reasonable), ‘Easy Tiger’ (Thai & cheap), ‘Dandelion’ (Vietnamese & very reasonable), ‘Coda’ (Asian & reasonable),’Bistro Guillaume’ (French & reasonable), ‘Becco’ (Italian & reasonable),’Bacash’ (seafood & reasonable), ‘The Aylesbury’ (contemporary & cheap), ‘The Atlantic’ (seafood/contemporary & expensive), ‘Araliya’ (Sri Lankan & cheap), ‘Albert St Food & Wine’ (contemporary & cheap), ‘Teppankai’ (Japanese & reasonable), ‘Town Hall Hotel’ (Italian/Pub Dining & cheap), ‘Vin’ (contemporary & reasonable), ‘New Delhi Tandoori Indian Restaurant’ (Indian & reasonable), ‘Taj Palace’ (Indian & reasonable), Esca Grill Restaurant (contemporary & popular).

        These are just a few I filtered out for you and you can’t go wrong with them in my opinion. They are truly great. There are many cheaper restaurants/cafes around, some good, some not so good. There are so many! Good luck – I hope you enjoy them.

  3. Hi Audrey – how did you go with eating places in Melbourne? I’ve been very busy all year so haven’t communicated on my blog page. Just back from a trip to the Barrier Reef – it was wonderful! Cheers

    • I’ve been eating so much seen I got here! I went to a few great ribs/meat places (Ike’s Rack Shack, Meatmother, Meatmaiden), Japanese (Akasiro, Ramen Shop) and finally got to understand the hype about Chin Chin. There are still so many places on my list though! A trip to the Barrier Reef sounds awesome 🙂

      • Yes it was good – a real snorkelling, excursions, craft markets and eating place. Surprisingly many French staff up there working in the hotels in Port Douglas; I was amazed for such an out-of-the-way place. The Skyrail cablecar and Kuranda Train excursion was a favourite for me (if you go take a Gold Pass on the train – for an extra $53 it’s worth it) along with Hartleys Crocodile Farm. The reef trip out to Agincourt Reef was also a highlight. However, do not go in our summer as it’s way too hot. Very early September is the best time or April/May. Do not go in the school holidays either as it’s outrageously expensive and crowded. Must try “Akasiro” and my sister said “Spice Temple” was good. However, I’m on a diet for now worst luck. Thanks 😀

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