Around the world in 365 videos

Epiphany Morgan et Carl Mason Photo : 365 docobites

Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason
Photo : 365 docobites

My last article in La Presse was about the crazy project of two filmmakers and friends, 365 docobites. Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason are traveling the world and making one short documentary a day with strangers they meet.

You can read the original article in French here.

Or the English translation here:

365 short documentaries shot in 365 days with strangers from around the world; this is the project of two young Australian filmmakers.

Carl and Epiphany before they left Sydney in March Photo : 365 docobites

Carl and Epiphany before they left Sydney in March
Photo : 365 docobites

Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason launched the 365 docobites tour at the beginning of March with a first stop in New York. “365 docobites is the story of strangers. The concept is simple: nothing is planned, we take our gear in the street, we find a stranger that seems interesting, we ask them to tell their story and we film,” explains Epiphany Morgan. After, the videos are edited and put online on their website. “It still surprises me how willing people are to have a chat with someone they have never met before,” says Carl Mason.

After New York, their second stop – the only one in Canada – was Montréal. They met the owner of café Olimpico, a florist who wants to save marriages and a young woman whose boyfriend was getting out of jail soon. “Montréal was really something unique. We stayed in a wonderful area, Mile End, where the variety of culture was rich and the down to earth people gave a joyous energy to the neighbourhood. This area was definitely our favourite, with the Old Port,” says Epiphany Morgan. “What we found was a very cool, laidback city with many similarities to Sydney, our hometown. There were bands playing every night of the week, great food all around and a real strong sense of community,” adds Carl.

One of the docobites shot in Montréal :

Epiphany and Carl not only work together, they have also been a couple for more than five years. The idea of 365 docobites came to them last year. The duo spent the following months building their website and organising finance. ” We completely underestimated what we were getting ourselves into! It’s a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun,” says the young woman.

After the United States and Canada, the filmmakers flew to Europe. They will then go hunt for other strangers’ stories in Africa, Asia and South America.

You can see their documentaries on their website,


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