Split, Croatie, en photos / Split, Croatia, in photos

split5(English follows) Promenade à travers les charmantes ruelles de Split, en Croatie.


A stroll along the charming alleys of Split, in Croatia.




split1De l’espace, la mer Adriatique est supposée être le point le plus bleu sur Terre. / Apparently, if you look at the earth from space, the Adriatic sea is the bluest spot.



IMG_4925Durant notre séjour à Split, ma cousine et moi sommes restées à l’auberge de jeunesse Goli + Bosi design hostel, qui venait tout juste d’ouvrir ses portes. L’endroit était bien situé et le design était bien pensé et faisait changement des auberges de jeunesses habituelles. / During our stay in Split, my cousin and I stayed at Goli + Bosi design hostel, which had just opened. The place was in a good location and its design was well thought out and a welcome change from usual hostels.



split12Photos: Audrey Bourget

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2 responses to “Split, Croatie, en photos / Split, Croatia, in photos

  1. Split was definitely my favourite part of Croatia. I spent a day cruising around nearby islands on a speedboat and we visited the Blue Cave, it is stunning!

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