Levanzo, Sicily : my happy place

IMG_3450During my last vacation in Europe, I found my new ‘happy place’; a tiny Sicilian island called Levanzo.

I usually always research the places I travel to. Partly for the articles I write, partly because I get super excited getting ready for a trip. I love looking at photos of my next destination, but sometimes it can be disappointing. A beach can look beautiful on a photo, with nobody on it, but when you get there and you have to push and shove to sit down on an overpriced deck chair, the magic is not there.

Levanzo was the total opposite. I’ve seen some pretty photos, but it was nothing compared to reality.


It was quite complicated for my partner and I to get there, as it was peak season (Sicily in August, what were we thinking!!?). The ferry was fully booked so we had to embark on a so-so boat tour (I hate most tours).


It was all worth it though. When I saw those white houses beautifully clashing against the clear blue water when we arrived.


I can’t really explain how happy this place made me, other than when I have a bad day, I think about Levanzo and I instantly feel better. The photos speak for themselves I think.



2 responses to “Levanzo, Sicily : my happy place

  1. I went to Favignana one summer and loved it. A bit of a pain to get to, but well worth it. I imagine Levanzo is even trickier to get to (even if the ferries hadn’t have been booked up!)

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