Amble : a different Tokyo

Amble (Photo: Olivia Blackburn,

Amble (Photo: Olivia Blackburn,

Timing is everything; and I couldn’t have discovered Amble at a better time, a few weeks before I head off to Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo is one of those cities that have a huge impact on people. So it makes sense that Amble, a new magazine, dedicated its first edition to Tokyo. Amble’s tagline is: ‘Local narrative for the curious traveller’. It’s a travel guide, but it’s also a beautiful publication, from the earth-tone photos to the well-crafted stories and the richness of the paper.

Once I got my copy, I was torn between annotating every page in preparation for my trip and keeping the magazine in pristine condition.

I hesitate to use the overused expression ‘off-the-beaten-path’, but this is what Amble offers; a portrayal of places that are not part of the regular Tokyo itinerary.

The magazine, which is divided in three sections – Explore, Eat, Escape, brings you on a tour of the quiet streets of Nakameguro, the burgeoning natural wine scene, an organic retreat outside the city, etc.

For now, Amble is available (for free!) in selected locations in Tokyo, Melbourne, Adelaide and Christchurch. Find out where on their Facebook page.

You can also read some of Amble‘s stories on Odigo.



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